Minister Message April 2017

Dear Beloved Friends,
“Another name for God is surprise.”  - Brother David Steindl-Rast
Indeed, God’s name is surprise, and during my time in ministry I have encountered God many times through many surprises. I always knew that being a Minister meant taking on the steep path of my own spiritual growth.  And what a steep path it is, with some unwelcome and so often many delightful learnings. That is life, isn’t it?  With all the personal shifts and changes that I have encountered, I have learned it is best when I release my need for certainty and stay steadfast in one assurance: Grace is always unfolding!  
Whether it is the valley or the mountaintop experience, Divine Order is always taking place. Right now, I take great comfort in knowing that as Unity Victoria moves through its own transition, all is well and in good hands. I am so proud of the leadership that exists within this beloved community.  
I am so grateful for all the experiences, and especially the depths of relationship that I have forged with many of you. I’ve grown, loved and blessed, through my 13 years as the Lead Minister of Unity Victoria, and I hope I have offered you the same. One thing I know, you all have been my “teachers” and the privilege of being your Lead Minister has truly been mine. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, the valley and the top of the mountain!   
The quote from Myrtle Fillmore seems so fitting at this time, and this is a jewel I take with me: “The power that created you is always at work to restore and maintain you in wholeness.” 
May each and every one of you continue to grow in love, joyously and in blessings for each other and the world.  
Rev. Doris Lewis