Minister Message February 2017

Dear Friends,

I am writing this message looking out upon the blue ocean with sparkling sunlight dancing on the surface.  Amazing how the previous couple of cloudy days accentuate the delight of clear sky and sunshine.  I must admit, I do forget and take for granted how beautiful Victoria is.

Here is a simple insight I got from this – I can’t appreciate what I don’t recognize.  It is like Grace: we don’t have to earn it, yet we need to recognize it to receive it.  The master teacher Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  How generous!  

The Universe is abundance and it is through examining the concept of generosity that my mind opens to accept the blessings that are already there.  Perhaps, like me, you see generosity as simple giving and receiving.  What if there is a third element of wholeness?  It is the idea of circulation.  Circulation allows us to be part of the flow of abundance.  Not just abundance in physical things but abundance in one’s sense of Self, in the awareness of the qualities of life … a sense of gracious living. 

What is generosity?  How can we participate in it?  How does the flow of grace affect us and the greater world? For the month of February let us examine the practice of generosity so that we may all appreciate the kingdom of heaven here and now.


Rev. Doris