Reverend Nat

Reverend Nat Carter, Transitional Ministry Consultant

Reverend Nat comes to us from Denver, Colorado, with 25 years of Ministry field experience, and a personal mission to deepen connections with God, self and others to heal lives and live dreams.

“Throughout my professional life, my focus has been to serve and empower others to grow into their divine potential. In ministry, my focus has been teaching positive, practical, mystical spirituality and creating a healthy relationship with the Judeo-Christian roots from which we are growing.”

His ecumenical studies as a Unity student in a Methodist seminary and with the Interim Ministry Network, as well as his study of world religions and yoga have deepened his appreciation of the commonalities of diverse spiritual traditions and the importance of committing to one’s own  unique path.

His most recent reading and studies are in centering prayer, mindfulness meditation, brain science and Interim Ministry Training to help churches that are in transition and decline.

Reverend Nat has practiced and taught meditation and yoga since 1973. In the last 30 years, he has had extensive experience facilitating support groups, relationship counselling and training, men’s groups and personal therapy. He is nurtured by family, pets, gardening, golf, jazz, travel and motorcycling. Preparing for and conducting inspiring Sunday services are also a particular passion for him.  

Reverend Nat has specialized in Transitional Ministry Consultant work since 2013, with extended stays at Unity of Toledo OH, Unity of Prescott AZ and Unity of Hilton Head SC.  

Reverend Nat will fill the role of Unity Victoria’s Transitional Ministry Consultant and acting Lead Minister for a one year period, working with us to look at our past, come to terms with what is present, and inspire us to envision our future as a spiritual community, as we prepare to welcome a new full time Lead Minister.

For more details, please see Reverend Nat’s full bio under the 2017 Ministry Transition Information, posted May 1, 2017.

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For a sample of his talk entitled, Feel Urgent? Slow Down, March 22, 2015, click HERE

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Reverend Doris Trinh Lewis, Retired

Ordained minister, Reverend Doris Trinh Lewis was the Senior Minister of Unity of Victoria, British Columbia, from 2004 to April 9, 2017. 

She brought to her ministry a unique blend of Unity teachings and the Buddhist tradition of her Vietnamese upbringing. Her passion is to teach Unity principles of Love, Oneness with God and All, combined with the practice of Insight Meditation. She has extensive training in Nonviolent Communication (developed by Marshall Rosenberg), which she applies in her spiritual practice of healing through authentic connection. 

Reverend Doris’ mission remains the same: Express and empower each individual to their greatness, that “Christ in you, your Glory.” And always, of course, with Grace and Ease!

We wish Doris well on the next journey of her life, and look forward to hearing more about her adventures!