Unity Victoria Children’s Program

Unity Victoria’s Children’s Program is a fun, interactive way for kids from 3-12 years old to connect with Spirit.
While parents and caregivers are inspired by prayer, meditation, and music during Sunday Service, the children of Unity Victoria have the opportunity to do the same in creative and engaging ways that are meaningful for them.
Using materials created by Unity Worldwide, children are given the opportunity to learn Unity principles from a very early age.  These programs are presented in themes that are typically structured into four lessons, including some of the following topics:  Oneness, Prayer, Caring, Peacemaking, Cooperation and Diversity.  We also have special lessons related to holidays such as our Spring Seed Celebration, Summer Solstice, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.
Whether it’s through song, crafts, physical activities, or other forms of creative expression, the Unity Victoria Children’s Program is set up to give young children an inspirational foundation for deep connection with Spirit, self, and all others.
Please note – our Children’s Program is currently on hold.  If you would like to learn more about the Program, get involved, and/or find out when the Program starts up again, please get in touch with Unity Victoria today.