Additional Services

Our ministers and L.U.T. are available for:

  •     Counseling
  •     Weddings
  •     Christenings
  •     Memorial services

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Additionally, we celebrate a number of events through the year.

Good Friday Service

Good Friday in Unity is a time of grace, of acknowledging, and preparing to release ourselves from the bondage of past pain.

It paves the way to Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the new Light born in us, through Spirit. In Unity, we emphasize not the death but rather the teaching and life of Jesus as the pattern of healing and wholeness. On one hand we learn from Jesus the man, and on the other hand, Jesus symbolizes the Christ consciousness innate in each one of us.


Easter Sunday Service

“Death is not the opposite of life,” Eckhart Tolle writes in Stillness Speaks. “ The opposite of death is birth. Life has no opposite.”

Resurrection is transformation. Rebirth signifies death to the ego, to limitation, to space and time. Rising from the “grave” of our lower nature embodies the realization of awakening. Dare to say it out loud. Let the wisdom within you shape your thoughts and words and actions. Become, finally, who you really are. This is the hidden meaning of Easter.

On Easter Sunday we celebrate this joyous resurrection of life, this re-awakening to our divine selves.

Please bring a flower or two if you can, for decorating our floral cross


Christmas Candle-Lighting Service

We come together at this special time of year to light the 12 Power candles to remind us of the different aspects of our inner Light.  We light our individual candles, first from the Christ candle, and then one to another in community.  We are reminded that no matter how dark our outer circumstances may seem, we each have our own inner Light to guide us.  Our candles are a symbol for our Light shining and contributing to the light of hope, peace, love and joy in the world.  We hope you join us for this special time together to enjoy Christmas music, learn more about the 12 Powers, and contribute your Light during this special time of year.


Burning Bowl Ceremony

This is a time for spiritual cleansing to prepare us for the year ahead.  Symbolically, we let the spiritual fire eliminate the old to make room for the new. We release anything that no longer serves us and clear the way for new intentions and experiences.  Each year, this service is held on the first Sunday after Christmas.


White Stone Ceremony

We come together to co-create a new consciousness, an intentional way of being, for the new year.  After a time of guided meditation and quiet contemplation, we write on a white stone the quality or characteristic that we wish to embody for the year to come.  Please join us for this powerful intention-setting experience.  Each year, this service is held the Sunday after the Burning Bowl.