This "Membership Covenant" is renewed on a yearly basis with those people ready to make a firm commitment to their spiritual growth. You need not be a member of Unity Church of Victoria to participate in any of our services, programs or blessing teams.

Why become a member? Come to the next "membership class" or contact the church office to find out more: email

Unity Victoria Annual Membership Covenant

“As lives the flower in the seed, so lives the Christ in me.”  ~ Myrtle Fillmore

Spiritual Growth

  • I challenge myself to ask more of myself, to grow spiritually, opening myself to personal transformation, fullness of life, and abundance.
  • I am aligned with the teachings of Unity, based on universal spiritual principles as taught and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ and other enlightened masters who teach love.
  • I strive to live by Unity Victoria’s vision: to support one another to fulfill our divine purpose and serve the greater good. 
  • I speak with constructive purpose about Unity Victoria and my fellow congregants, and resolve any conflict with guidance from Spirit.



As a member of Unity Victoria,

  • I confirm my commitment to my individual spiritual growth, and to my spiritual community.
  • I dedicate myself to sharing the consciousness of love, and to serving as a channel through which Spirit’s blessings can flow to me and through me, to my loved ones, community, and world.
  • I am open to Namasté – open heart, open hands, open mind – in all I do.
  • I am willing to live according to Unity Victoria’s core values of Loving-Kindness, Joy, Empowerment, Authenticity, and being Spirit-Led.                                                                                                               



  • I recognize that my presence and participation at services and activities is a contribution and gift that enhances the experience of everyone.
  • I experience the value of service by volunteering in a capacity that brings me joy.
  • I extend myself with loving warmth to newcomers to Unity Victoria, and to those I do not know.
  • As a member of Unity Victoria, I am eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, and to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • I include Unity Victoria in my financial planning, to the capacity that I am able. I give regularly, joyfully, and lovingly.

Together with my fellow members and congregants, I co-create with God the ongoing dynamic life of Unity Victoria, blessing and serving others.

Through membership, I honour the Spirit in me and the Spirit at work through Unity Victoria.