At Unity, each Sunday, we gather in celebration to sing, listen to an inspiring message, connect with friends and share our inspiring stories. We have a mutual positive experience from being part of a spiritual community and we enjoy the opportunity to celebrate!


Unity is about experiencing the positive spiritual values found in Christian and other faith traditions, and discovering that we are lifted up by adding a spiritual perspective to our daily lives.


Unity supports us in our exploration of the spiritual traditions. We focus on the common spiritual ideas and values agreeable to all cultures. We see all people as good and are committed to inclusiveness and diversity.


We can explore and grow by participating in classes and study groups, and joining in workshops exploring spirituality in everyday life.


We feel part of a community at Unity because we are all equally invited to participate in leadership, stewardship and visioning. We are each active in providing practical and spiritual support to other members of the Unity community.


Unity is visibly supporting community outreach services in the local Victoria area through our hands-on participation and donations. 


The worldwide Unity movement is about carrying the message that there are common spiritual values in all faith traditions underpinning a good news way of seeing our human progress.