We Support the Victoria Community

Donations to Unity of Victoria

We appreciate the generous contributions of our friends and congregation.

We celebrate the source of our abundance ~ God ~ and give thanks for its continued manifestation. Plenty to share and plenty to spare!

We tithe too! Each month we give 10% of our church's income to other organizations, some that do the work of empowering individuals in our community, and others that provide us with spiritual nourishment.

To donate directly to Unity Victoria, please click on the following image:

Thank you for your support!

It is with deepest gratitude that Unity of Victoria blesses the many donors whose love and support makes the ministry of Unity of Victoria viable and possible.

We bless the flow of income and gifts to you the donor, as we bless the flow into Unity We dedicate our abundance by acknowledging God as our source through a conscious tithing programme to Canadian charities that bless this ministry and our congregants.

Please support OUR efforts in the community by following the link below when making purchases from Amazon online. A small percentage of each purchase is earned and goes into our communities general revenues to support our programs.